Have more dogging one night stands

have a quickie in a car park If you’ve ever had an interest in having more dogging one night stands then chances are you’ve probably fantasied over the idea of being deep inside a mature wife or dirty granny. Everyone who shares the same granny sex fetish will agree that when it comes to sex, knowledge is king… or Queen in this case. Sharing the sheets with an experienced older woman who really knows how to get you off, really is the most memorable, and erotic thing you could ever have. We want to take this time to really explore the idea of being involved with a British granny dogger, and it’s important to note that our granny’s are different here in the UK, then they are elsewhere. Why is this? Well maybe it’s got something to do with the following points,

Why are UK granny doggers so common

• UK grannies are in the top 3 European countries for having dogging sex • Britain has the second highest search volume for granny porn • We have the most women single women over 50 per mile than any other country • Unlike some countries we understand the fetish for grannies and have dedicated whole dating websites and communities to explore this interest. • In a survey taken across 10 European countries by a random selection of 100 mature ladies over 50, the UK was first for having the most sexually frustrated granny doggers. So what makes the UK mature dogger so dirty? Well we believe it to be the culture and society that we live in over here. Unlike some European countries we are very open to the idea of different sex fetishes, and grannies are not that far off cougar, or milf, which generally seem to be accepted in all countries as being, ‘normal’. However, with that said, you still wouldn’t hear anyone bring it up in a casual conversation, but by digging around on the internet, you can find huge amounts of interest for this fetish in Britain. We looked at some of the most popular and niche dogging dating sites available for people to join, and found the amount of active female members over fifty to be really interesting!

Join a dogging party

dogging one night stand What is so interesting to see here is that even within the fetish of ‘granny’ we can see small, more niche interests. It surprised us how much interest there is in blowjobs and BBW, and how similar active member counts are for swinging and dogging in the UK! The dirtiest Grannies around! So now you can see the amount of mature women up and down the UK who are interested in some form of granny sex experience it really shows you how big a fetish experienced women are. This is great news if you’re new to the scene or want to some added reassurance that what you’re doing really isn’t that weird or unpopular. Mature women just love sex! Although the amount of active swinging members is only around the 3.5k mark, we know from first-hand experience that there is a massive community of people seeking it out. Why is this you ask? Well from what we understand, fab dogging parties are a lot less intimidating and awkward then one on one encounters. The other note to mention here is that you know what you’re getting when you join a doggers party. You know that you’ll arrive, and sex is most definitely going to be happening, so it takes away from that pressure and confusion that can happen from 1-on-1 meetups.