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Welcome to the number one site for mature dogging in the UK. Dogging is a growing activity in the UK with hundreds more people starting every week. It is easy enough to drive up to your local dogging car park at night (where ever you live) and find a group of people going at it in the back of their cars. 

Is it any wonder that more and more men are seeking dogging porn to have a wank over? However, what happens if you are new to dogging and fancy getting out there for the first time, who do you contact?

Would you want to know there is going to be someone there to have sex with before you make the journey? This is where dogging dating sites can help. These sites are not here specifically for dating; there are here for quick one-night stands.

So why look for mature dating?

Some people are the age of 18-25 who go dogging but in all honestly if you have ever shagged someone in a dogging car park, it is more likely to be a milf or a granny. Many people who decide that they would like to get a bit more adventurous with their sex lives are people who are just bored of having the same sex with the same people. Many women find it exhilarating being fucked in the back of a car by random horny men. They have had the same sex with their husbands for years, and now they just want to inject a bit of fun back into their lives. The funny thing is that over 20% of the women on the site, their husbands are the ones who are driving them up to the woods to be fucked while they watch. 

Many men get turned-on by simply watching their wives being shagged in a dogging car park.

Where to find older doggers.

If you are looking for a granny to shag in your local area, why not go to one of the most popular dating sites in the UK to meet someone beforehand. The site has over 100 women signing up to it every week. Some women are married, and some are single, but all are looking for some mature dogging fun. The great thing about this dating style site is the ability to search for the type of women you would like to meet. Perhaps you particularly like blondes, or maybe you want to meet a fat dogger. Search for women based on their appearance and even their favourite sexual position and then send them a message. Since the women are on this site looking for NSA fun, you can afford to be quite blunt about what you are after, let her know you signed up because you were looking for a horny mum you wanted to shag. More often than not the women are eager to go. They can even tell you about any secret little dogging areas you might not have known about beforehand. Signing up for the site is entirely free, and the women are altogether filthy, you might as well give it a go.

About this site

We have created this site to make weekly blogs about some of the hottest women who sign up to this site. We will be creating blogs about our favourite members from the week and any other erotic new for you to enjoy so make sure you check back regularly for your update on some of the hot action and XXX dogging images from our site! If you can't stand it any longer and just fancy a shag, don't hesitate to sign up for free!